The (brand) Love Connection

3 Tips for Engaging VIP Brand Influencers

3 Tips for Engaging VIP Influencers

The (brand) Love Connection

From vacuums to whiskey, brands are inviting influencers to exclusive event experiences as part of their marketing strategy. It’s not a new concept, but the idea appears to be getting more and more attention from industry magazines and news articles. These influencer events are not the typical event for a meeting planner, throw out the standard ballroom and replace centerpieces with projected tabletops.

1. Create Small Groups

No one gets lost in the crowd, because there isn’t a crowd. Invite only as many guests as you can pay attention to, and let them know that they are special. Have the product available for guests to see if they express interest, but make it clear that no interaction with the product is expected. The event is meant to entertain and treat the invited guest to a memorable experience.

2. Choose Exclusive Venues (that encourage interaction)

Host your event at a VIP venue that generates intrigue and excitement based on location. Executives have seen countless hotel ballrooms and standard conference rooms, so pick something new and unexpected that sets an exciting tone for the event. But, don’t forget that interaction and mingling still play a key role – what’s the point of an exclusive customer event if you’re all sitting in a dark theater? The goal is relationship building, make sure that you have enough time and space to accomplish this.

3. Understand Your Audience

Chances are that your guests are invited to exclusive events quite frequently. If so, your event must offer something that the others do not – not just a steak, but a waygu steak. Not just Irish whiskey, but a small batch of single malt. Not just a speaker, but a renowned industry guru. Show you guests that you understand them and offer something that they cannot get anywhere else. The event is all about the attendee experience – what will it take for them to think and feel enthusiastically about your brand and your message?

Do you agree or disagree? Leave comments to let us know what you think.

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