Disaster Recovery Tweets – Get Ready and Win Big

Oreo Wins Big with Spontaneous Live Content

Oreo Wins Big with Spontaneous Live Content

For $3.8 million, brands reach over 111 million eyeballs for 30 seconds.

For $0, Oreo increased their Twitter following by 8,000, was retweeted almost 15,000 times, gained 20,000 likes on Facebook, gained 34,000 followers on Instagram, and was featured in countless articles on Forbes, Inc., Adweek, etc.

For all the painstaking planning and preparing that a team can do, sometimes the most “viral” and valuable content is unplanned.

Other elements (note: cleverness, relevance, reputation) come into play, but reactions suggest that Oreo’s spur of the moment decision to poke fun at the Super Bowl power outage in a brand-congruent way is the real winner of last night’s Ad Bowl.

Live content can be planned and budgeted, but spontaneous content is priceless. Audiences can recognize the difference between pre-planned and spontaneous content, and while spontaneity is risky, it offers a glimmer of authenticity and personality that is impossible to plan for.  With the right tools (ie: Oreo execs in the brand monitoring room ready to give approval), brands can be ready to deploy if and when the occasion arises.

Lesson: Plan ahead for the unplanned. There’s something much more impressive and “connecting” about an instantaneous tweet that resonates immediately with the audience. Oreo saw its chance and took it.


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