Flood Your Attendees with Follow-Up

Studies show that twelve percent of what an attendee sees and hears at a conference will be retained. 

That’s it?

For the amount of time and resources that go into executing an event, a 12% knowledge retention rate seems terribly low. Why? As meeting and event planners, how can we stimulate better knowledge retention for long-term learning?


Three Event Tips for Better Conference Learning

1. Make senior management accessible and available to answer candid questions from attendees. This type of transparency and accessibility is an opportunity that may not typically be available, but is valuable for onsite questions and long-term feedback. (Source)

2. Give attendees the opportunity to take control of their learning experience and learn by doing. Using a hands-on experiences to complement (or supplement) a PowerPoint presentation can help attendees retain 70 – 90% of material. (Source)

3. Extend learning opportunities with a microsite that allows attendees to access all content (and new relevant content) after the end of an event. Not all learning is immediate – make the event tools and takeaways easy to find for long-term use. (Source)


Lesson: Foster higher knowledge retention and long-term learning by building attendee engagement and integrating follow-up opportunities into the entire fabric of an event.   



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