I Got 99 Problems But Lip-Syncing Ain’t One

Ethics for Live Events: Transparency & Authenticity Are Crucial

I Got 99 Problems But Lip-Syncing Ain't One

Ethics for Live Events: Authenticity & Transparency Are Crucial

It happens with B-list celebs and legendary artists.  No matter the medium, message, or caliber, audiences are consistently disappointed. Despite industry retorts of “standard performing practices,” lip-syncing always appears as a scandalous revelation that artists have tried so desperately to conceal.

At the outset, Beyonce’s performance at the inauguration was stunning. But, after news of a pre-recorded track surfaced, the magical moment was tarnished by the stain of lip-syncing. Fans were heartbroken, and even the media felt betrayed (what happened to trust?). The credibility of Beyonce’s upcoming Super Bowl performance was even called into question.

But beyond the disappointment, the core of this story is transparency and authenticity in live performances. There’s something magical about a live performance, and audiences are not willing to accept anything less. Whether it is a corporate sales meeting or a sold-out pop concert, audiences view live experiences as a commodity worth paying for, and they expect the product that they purchased to be delivered.

The fact of the matter is that the value of live content is in the authenticity of the experience. As an industry that relies on the exchange of live experiences, event producers must be sure to provide meaningful experiences in an authentic manner. Audiences don’t like to be tricked, and pre-recorded content that parades as a live performance is wholly deceiving. Don’t put on an act – be authentic. Be transparent. Be truthful.

Pre-recorded content begs the question: If anyone with a passable singing voice could spend a few days in the best recording studio with a top music producer – perhaps someone like Jay Z – could they pump out an amazing song and sound as good as Beyonce? Well maybe, but looking like her would be the next hurdle. But with enough hair extensions and a fabulous stylist…


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