In Defense of Print

An E-Card is to Spam as Handwritten is to Love Letter

So little business correspondence is printed on paper, folded into an envelope, and sent through the mail. But as the holiday season comes to a close and we examine our collection of e-cards versus print cards, we’d like to argue in defense of print.

Print is not altogether outdated. Yes, email is more efficient in many cases, but is efficiency the #1 priority for holiday cards? Is hitting the send button on your contact list the best that you can do? Holidays are the one time of year when businesses examine those who helped them to achieve their successes. To properly say ‘thank you,’ we’d like for business holiday cards to be printed, signed, and stamped.

E-cards are just not the same. While they can be animated and personalized, that is most often not the case. Most of the e-cards that I received did not easily download in my email. My Outlook required me to ‘right click to download images.’ Did I click to download the images? No. On the contrary, did the office display all of our print holiday cards in the lunch room? Yes.

Some of the worst e-cards are forwarded. E-cards can go viral, but it’s not because they are clever. A quick Google search returns an avalanche of epic holiday card fails:

With a light-hearted and genuine intention, holiday cards actually reveal many insights about a company’s creativity and brand. I’ll bet that ‘efficiency’ is not typically a brand pillar…unless you work at USPS. Whether it is a custom design or a handwritten message, a personal touch can go a long way.

Show your clients and vendors some love next holiday season and send a real print card.


Do you agree or disagree? Leave comments to let us know what you think. If you’re interested in hearing more unexpected perspectives from the event industry, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on Facebook, or visit our website.



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